Success Story: Tod Meisner

In December 2014 I sent Tod Meisner a home workout routine and an XBAR. He was hesitant to send any “before” photos and he definitely didn’t want me sharing any of those photos. I created a series of bodyweight and resistance band exercises, providing him with a program to support his fat loss goals. 

During that time, Tod experienced a series of career and life changes and admits he wasn’t “ready to commit” to the lifestyle changes required to lose weight and adapt new habits. He wanted to drink beer on the weekends (and at happy hour). He wanted to stay up late (without having to wake up at 6am like he was). Throw in the occasional pack of Oreo cookies, and life “couldn’t be better.”

So what’s changed in the past year? How did he manage to lose 25 pounds? He re-prioritized his goals and has COMMITTED to a healthy lifestyle, living it 24/7 and not just “on occasion.” I’ve worked with Tod to change his perception of “healthy living.” A fitness program is MORE than working out. It also includes healthy eating, restoration and accountability.

Activity.  Tod has learned that strength training will NOT turn him into “Hulk.” He’s learned that the occasional workout is better than nothing at all. His home workouts consist of occasional running, XBAR workouts and bodyweight strength/cardio (he “loves” plank walkouts with pushups!). And, with the help of his fitness tracker, he keeps himself accountable to daily step goals and taking the stairs at work.

Nutrition. Tod has become more aware of portion control and focuses on protein, healthy fats and lots of veggies! He enjoys the occasional glass of bourbon while watching the STL Cardinals play ball. He also tracks his food intake to maintain accountability and so we can make sure he’s getting the right balance of macros.

Restoration. Tod keeps a gratitude journal and writes down moments from the week that were special to him. He’s also decreased the amount of “clutter” in the house and focuses on what brings value to his life. When there are fewer “things” in your life, you have more time for what matters. There’s less worrying about spending or where to put stuff, when to clean it, etc. etc. This equates to less mental clutter!

Lastly, Tod stays accountable and mindful of his goals with the 4-Week Do Anywhere Workout Challenge Checklist. It’s a reminder that small, every day actions really CAN turn into a longterm lifestyle that’s sustainable.

As Tod’s wife, I must say I’m EXTREMELY proud of the progress he has made! He’s also the designer behind my new website and truly represents what Megan Meisner Fitness is all about. He’s an inspiration to me, his son Courtney and everyone else who knows his story and how far he’s come.

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