Resolve to Evolve

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The year has come to a close.  The confetti has settled and the ball has dropped.  Empty champagne glasses collect on the end tables, alongside party hats, blow horns and Lego pieces (if your life is anything like mine).  We reflect on our recent promotion at work, the marathon we ran over the summer and the countless hours we spent volunteering at the animal shelter.  We begin opening our minds to possibility and to what the next year holds for us.  What have you promised for yourself in the upcoming year?

Whether you’re trying to save for a vacation or spend more time working out, it’s important to write down your goals and create an action plan to bring them to life.  Without goals, your life will lack direction.  And without direction, you may end up in an unknown, and unwanted destination.  While we cannot control exactly what happens in life, we can make a definite impact on the outcome and what we experience along the journey.

I created the Resolve to Evolve Action Plan to help you brainstorm, create and carry out your goals for the upcoming year.  Research shows that we are more likely to stick with a goal when we write it down.  It may also help to tell other people.  This will help you stay accountable and give you the opportunity to discuss successes and challenges.

The action plan requires you to identify 3 steps leading up to the goal, along with a 6 month review.  Your goals should be SMART.  SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

Goal setting should be a fun, thoughtful activity that causes you to reflect on your best qualities and how to apply them.  With commitment and consistency, you will be on your way to becoming your best self!

Click here for your Resolve to Evolve Action Plan